unique gifts for unique little friends

At Fitz & Friends we are all about hard work, being kind, and taking care of those around you.  Join us in supporting organic and eco-friendly products to keep this world beautiful for our little friends to enjoy!

More from Molly

Hi there! I wanted to share more with you about Fitz & Friends and how it turned into a passion project of mine.  I am happy you're here sharing this journey with us!

First: I am a mother, not only to the sweetest son but also to a great dog. As a mom, I understand the importance of giving those little friends around us safe and quality products that are also sustainable.

Second: I love gift-giving! I wish I had more time to spend on finding and giving the perfect gift.  In 2018, when my son was born, we received a beautiful gift. My talented sister-in-law gave my son a custom book filled with incredible messages, playful art, and a picture of our family. For a year, I thought of ways I could share this book with others as I watched my son light up when we read together... and after hours of brainstorming, Fitz & Friends was born. 

Fitz & Friends aims to help you share incredible gifts with those around you, in particular, the book 2 Stars in the Sky are You and I.  When gifting with Fitz & Friends I work hard to make sure your little friend feels unique with hand-written notes, gift wrap, and products created with love! 

Third: My dream for years has been to own a boutique. I love an excellent shopping experience and have yearned to give that to others. Now, this dream has evolved over the years from clothing boutiques to where I am today with Fitz & Friends. I am so excited to channel some of my passion and dedication to your gift-giving! 

Thank you for being here, friends! 

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